Miscellaneous Cleaning Services CT

A good power wash company is willing to be flexible when it comes to cleaning other items, which may be important to the customer. This may include but not be limited to walkways, fences, pools and pool decks, outdoor furniture, swing sets, driveways, garage floors (including coatings), interior gutters, etc.

Some walkways (for example, slate) are too delicate to power wash. Instead, we apply the appropriate chemical and then brush and rinse. Brick walkways need to be cleaned without disturbing the material which keeps the bricks in place. Garage floors require a four-step process whereby the floor is first degreased and is then acid etched, sealed, and finally top coated.

If you have something that you need cleaned but you aren't sure if it's something that we service, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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