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Pressure Cleaning Services in Connecticut

Panoramic Pressure Cleaning Inc.

My name is Ed Ramond and I am the president and owner of Panoramic Pressure Cleaning. Panoramic Pressure Cleaning, Inc. (PPC) is one of the oldest, most successful power wash companies in the state of Connecticut. There is virtually nothing we cannot clean or offer expert advice on. Since our inception in 1986, we can verify an excellent customer relationship due to service, competitive pricing, knowledge, customer service, integrity, honesty, and care of personal property. There is no substitute for experience.

I reside in Burlington, Connecticut. I was a former mechanical engineer and sales/marketing manager. Since I was always desiring to run a small business, I changed careers and have been running Panoramic Pressure Cleaning, Inc. in CT since 1986. The business has thrived because of quality, fairness, honesty, and integrity. Most importantly, I resist hiring unqualified laborers or subcontractors and maintain quality by being on every job with a trained staff (U.S. Army veterans) with no less than ten years of experience.

One of the benefits of running a small service business is the gratification you get from customers after doing a good job. When working for large corporations, being told you did a great job occurred all too infrequently and was a major reason for me deciding to move on. We work very hard so as to be told “you did a good job.” In fact, 100% of our customers would be happy to provide positive testimonials about our service.

A good power wash company should stand behind what they do. In order to ensure our quality, we do a home “walk around” with the customer before any work is started and a second “walk around” after the work is completed. Even if the customer notices an issue after we leave the property, we will come back to address whatever the concern may be.

In order to provide workmanship assurance, I oversee and participate during the entire job process. You will find our pricing to be very competitive. Further, we don’t accept a nickel of payment until you are satisfied with our work. We are that confident. We are a full service power wash company which services the following types of facilities and businesses:

  • Residential single family homes and home associations
  • Major condo complexes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Connecticut Realtors
  • Commercial concrete surfaces

We operate during all four seasons to accommodate all types of customers, including Connecticut realtors who may be trying to sell a property during the winter months. Please e-mail us or contact us by phone so that we can thoroughly answer any questions you may have relative to our services in Connecticut. There is absolutely no obligation and we welcome the opportunity to talk to you.